SANCO designs and manufactures two types of alarm panels:

  • conventional type, in accordance with European EN54 rules
  • intelligent micro-processor based type, mod. FB6100 and INFINITY, in conformity with the following standards: EN54-2, EN54-4, IEC61508/11, CEI-79-2, NFPA72. Available certifications: IMQ, TUV-SIL2, SIL3, UL, GOST, APSAD

SANCO provides full customizable integrated processes that include a Master Fire Control Panel (MFCP),  Local Fire Control Panel (LFCP), a suitable type of fire & gas detector and relevant alarm devices on field.

Since fully equipped in its electronic shop, SANCO can install special brand cards (up to 130 I/O cards) to communicate with any fire & gas detector (up to 25.740 addressable devices). Thanks to a perfect communication between the system and the operator it is possible to supervise all the systems and visualize an historical event log in real time, even remotely.