SANCO designs and manufactures any type of gas system by using extinguishing agents listed in NFPA 2001-2008 like:

  • CO2 (both high pressure and low pressure)
  • IG01 (Argon)
  • IG541 (Inergen)
  • IG55 (Argonite)
  • IG100 (Nitrogen)
  • HFC227ea (FM-200)
  • Novec 1230

SANCO is most probably the largest manufacturer of CO2 high pressure systems in Europe; about 700-800 systems/year are manufactured in its factory by using over 20.000 cylinders/year. Regarding low pressure systems, SANCO range includes capacities from 3.000 to 30.000 Kg of CO2 systems sizes.

FM 200 package_1000